The Equine Club "La Espina" is a centre of equestrian tourism placed in Villafufre's St Martin, inside Cantabria. Our principal activity is to offer the possibility of realizing tourism riding horses in a rural zone that hides places of great beauty.

We also organize summer camps in which children practise riding horses and learning spanish or english and realize other activities of adventure.

Our facilities have been constructed in a former cattle traditional cabin of the zone of the Pas Valley, which has been recovered for such an end, and that is placed in a privileged place of the region of the Pisueña River. From there you can see the whole valley and the set of oriental mountains of Cantabria.

In our facilities we have a yard of grass in that to receive classes of initiation, or from where leaving to enjoy excursions of diverse duration.

Centre of Equestrian Tourism "La Espina". Finca la Espina - San Martín de Villafufre - Cantabria, telf: 617 671 409