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San Martin de Villafufre
Centro de turismo ecuestre La Espina


The objective of our camp is to improve Spanish, both oral and written, with emphasis on creativity.
The students will listen continuously to Spanish, learning new vocabulary and acquiring confidence in Spanish through daily use, games and activities, reinforced with theoretical classes. All this with a native teacher.


Dealing with horses, which are much bigger, heavier and stronger than us, is a character building experience that teaches children to persevere and overcome. Being able to ride and control the horse and seeing how he responds to affection will build their self confidence.
The children will be introduced to knowledge, contact with the horse and riding according to their experience. For the more advanced, we will concentrate on improving their riding skills.
Theoretical and practical classes on riding and the world of the horses will be given. All this in totally natural surroundings in the beautiful setting of the Pasiego Valleys - Cantabria

In addition to the practice of Spanish and horseriding, during the camp there are also cultural and adventure activities: excursions, walks, barbecues, ecological farm, cultural visits…

from 26th of June to 13th of August, during periods of one, two or more weeks.

1 week 525 €
2 weeks 945 €

Our commitment is that at all times your child will be attended as if at home, with special emphasis on order and good manners. We value friendship, teamwork and living in harmony as a group.
English Camp in Cantabria. Centre of Equestrian Tourism "La Espina"